The Mystery of the Blessed Trinity

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A brief survey of their assertions should suffice before reviewing the historical claims of the doctrine of the Trinity.
Harvey J. Hames:
"God must be internally and eternally active so that creation can occur without any change in God. According to Llull's theory, the Trinity is the internal, eternal activity in the Godhead. In other words, for creation to come about without implying change in the Godhead, the Dignities would need to have been active internally and eternally, and consequently, this activity can only exist without implying plurality if it is triune." ("It Takes Three…" p. 200)
Echoes Aquinas by emphasizing the equality of the Persons or Dignities: "All the Dignities must be equal in essence and nature, otherwise they would be accidents and unable to exist in themselves, by themselves, and would therefore be imperfect. Hence, each Dignity is essentially identified with and includes all the other Dignities." (p. 202)
Aquinas (supports Hames):
Revelation cannot go against Reason.
The Trinity is Revealed: Scripture and Tradition: The following sub-points may be mentioned here, but they can be explored…

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