The Mystery of the JFK Assassination

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The Mystery of the JFK assassination The assassination of JFK affected the lives of many that were alive during his presidency and forever impacted history. His assassination is shrouded in mystery, and to this day no one knows exactly what happened. He was the youngest elected president, and the youngest president to die in office (The White House) JFK was a civil rights activist, because this was well known he had made enemies with many southerners in that time period. Despite these enemies JFK had made clear he wanted to campaign in Florida and Texas, as he knew that not winning those states could flip the tables on him. His wife would be with him, making her first display in public for more than is needed since the death of her baby…show more content…
To add on to all of these factors, Dallas was nicknamed "the City of Hate" (Kallen, 16) due to how much they hated him. Despite the nickname, the crowd loved Kennedy, but it comes as no surprise that the assassination would take place in Dallas. The most accepted theory on which assassin it really was is that he was Lee Harvey Oswald. "In addition, on Saturday November 23 the FBI announced that the rough fingerprints they found on the Mannlicher-Carcano were 'insufficient for the purposes of… identification… [and] were of no value.' On November 29, however, the FBI announced that it had found a palm print on the rifle." (Kallen, 52) Oswald's purchase history showed he had purchased a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, yet again; there is no proof that he had used the rifle to kill the president. Oswald makes a likely suspect for an assassin of Kennedy because he defected to the Soviet Union in 1957, and came back to America in 1959 with a Russian wife and communist sympathies. Some believe Oswald was framed; people would call themselves Oswald and give him a bad name. Someone showed up at a car dealership claiming to be Oswald and started driving at 27 MPH on sharp turns. Oswald did not know how to drive. (Kallen, 61) Unfortunately, Oswald was never given Trial as he was shot beforehand by Jack Ruby. If
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