The Mystery of the Salem Witch Trails of 1692

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If we were to look through American history, we can witness many victories as well as many shames. One of the most famous ignominies was the Salem witch trials in 1692. During the witch trials, many were wrongfully accused and some were executed. There are many theories about why this horror story commenced, but there are no clear appointed reasons. Medical factors may have contributed to the events such as ergot poisoning, traumatic stress, and mass hysteria. Considering that this was an early time in American history, it was likely that these factors were overlooked and ignored. This is a mystery impossible to overlook. The first accusations were made by Reverend Parris’ niece, Abigail and daughter Betty. At the time Parris’ daughter was sick and no one could diagnose her with any medical issues. She showed symptoms of throwing temper tantrums, spoke in strange manners, and sensations of being pinched, among others. Health professionals believe that their actions were reflections of post-traumatic syndrome or perhaps abusive parents (The Economist, A31). Had Betty’s behaviors been examined by professionals today, they may have been able to diagnose her properly. There were other girls aged between 11 and 16 years, who complained of similar symptoms such as a lofty amount of emotions and pains, which were then given the authority to accuse the witches who were responsible (McHugh 20). At first glance it is evident that the girls were probably going through adolescence,

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