The Mystic Aquarium And Institute For Exploration

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All my life I have been exposed to the sea through family trips to Hampton Beach to frequent trips to the Mystic Aquarium. That exposure is what led to my fascination for animals and the ocean. This fascination grew into a passion for the sea and that led me to start seeking different experiences to widen my knowledge. This included Volunteering for the Mystic Aquarium, choosing to go to school at the University of Rhode Island and eventually to applying for a chance to be involved with the top organization in terms of science, service, and stewardship of the climate, weather, oceans, and coasts. With this prestigious honor, I plan to do the summer internship in a different climate near the coast working on a project involving conservation or the effects of human interaction on different species. My first substantial step toward making a career out of my interests was by volunteering at the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration. When I was a sophomore at Tolland High School in Connecticut, I applied for the position as a docent because I wanted to learn more and with the standardized curriculum of high school I wasn’t able to do that in school alone. At the Aquarium I was responsible for providing an educational and inspiring environment for interactions between guests and animals. As a docent I gave presentations about almost every animal located in the aquarium, my favorite being the shark touch tank, and a few regarding the Titanic and its discovery by NOAA’s own

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