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It was a dark moonless night as I drove down highway 34. I was fatigued with the eight hour drive and the tiresome boredom of the never ending road. Then out of nowhere a deer jumped in front of my vehicle. I slammed on the breaks hoping to stop the inevitable. The front end of the car slammed into the side of the deer. With the sound of a loud “thunk” and metal twisting, smoke snaked out from under my hood. I cursed under my breath and stepped out of what was left of my car and examined the ordeal. From what I could decipher, the deer was completely decimated, my car was totaled, and I was lost. I started to walk down the highway, buy I caught a glimpse of something running through the trees. I ignored it at first, but it …show more content…
Each pillar had it’s own intricate carving which told of a great battle in history. As I looked down the walls to my left then to my right it looked as if they went on for miles. The inside of this magical cave was beyond my wildest dreams. There were piles of money as high as a house, sports cars lined the walls, light sabers hung from the ceiling like chandeliers, and thousands of bouncy balls lay on the floor like a fun room at McDonalds . Everywhere I looked lay my desires from Batman’s Batmobile, laptops, airliner jets, Xbox 360’s, cats, flat screen televisions, the largest DVD collection I have ever seen and a bottle that contained artistic ability. My selfish desires were tantalized by the vast materialism around me. Walking through all of the treasures of the cave, I started to wonder to myself which one of these prizes would I take back with me. I thought that if I took the bat mobile back with me I would definitely have the coolest ride around. The guys would respect me and the girls would adore me. What guy would not want that! I still had to consider the drawbacks. One would be everyone could think I’m a total freak. Another one is I had no idea how in the world I would ever get it out of the cave. That eliminated the bat mobile and anything heavier than I could carry. My next thought was maybe I should take the time machine. The time machine was like a watch that went up to my elbow like an

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