The Myth Of Albert Einstein

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With a name synonymous to genius, Albert Einstein is undoubtedly one of the most influential men in modern physics and philosophy of science. Who exactly is Albert Einstein? Born in the German Empire in 1879, Albert Einstein was not thought initially by his peers to be anything special. There is a lot of myth surrounding Einstein’s schooling with statements like “Einstein failed math” or “Einstein did bad in school”, but these were simply myths and not much more. Einstein did extremely well in school and did amazing in mathematics specifically (having mastered calculus on his own at age 15). The issue was that Einstein had a tendency to skip class and go off on his own doing personal research and discovery. It was in this erratic method of his that caused colleagues and employers to avoid his company and led to the developed opinion that Einstein was not destined for a life of research and discovery. Although Einstein seeked out a position in the sciences, nobody would take him on as an assistant nor a colleague which ultimately led to him becoming a worker at the Swiss patent office. The prospect of Einstein ever entering into the academic stream looked grim. He had derailed his education and reputation. He was disregarded in the scientific community for his poor work ethic and failure to comply with traditional scientific method. However, in 1905 at the age of 26, Einstein went on to publish four papers that changed his academic merit entirely. March saw Einstein’s

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