The Myth Of Common Core Equality By Valerie Stratus

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Another challenge that can rise from CCSS, is the grading format for students has risen which can become problematic for those student who are performing poorly with the current standards. In The Washington Post article “The Myth of Common Core Equality” by Valerie Stratus, explains the challenges student face with common core, and how it is unfortunately increasing the educational gap. Stratus explain how minorities are performing poorly in common core test, “When a student score in the Below Standard category of 1, there is a good chance that her or his answer were mere guesses, or the test was so difficult, they simply gave up” (Strauss). Unfortunately, student giving up on their exams is one of the challenges that the CCSS is having with ELL students, because they are academically frustrated with not being able to reach their goal of meeting their academic level. The stress level the new standard is having on students is no longer having a great passion for learning based on their poor school performance. For ELL students that lack of motivation can increase by them not being able to grasp the concept of the new standards. When students begin to guess on their exams they are no longer learning, but instead trying to ignore their academic frustration. The lack of student motivation with the CCSS is another example of how the learning gap is unfortunately increasing among students. The challenges the CCSS has for ELL student can have a negative effect for student’s

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