The Myth Of Endometriosis In The Human Body

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If one breaks down endometriosis, one will find that it means an abnormal condition of the lining inside a uterus. Specifically, the tissue that is inside the uterus will form on an external structure. This has unpleasant consequences when a tissue made for a certain region of the body is acting elsewhere. This condition will mainly affect women and young ladies during their most reproductive years and can affect them both physically and mentally (Reich et al., 2016). Even though most cases are, it is a myth that endometriosis occurs exclusively in women over twenty years of age. This disease can begin in a body as soon as the female obtains her first menstrual cycle and will unfortunately persist over a lifetime in the body unless an act of …show more content…

The uterus is where the endometrium is only supposed to be found. The endometrium is the innermost epithelial layer of the uterus. It has a functional layer, basal layer and numerous vessels running through the tissue (Lessey, 2000). Structures that will be affected by this disease includes other reproductive organs, such as fallopian tubes and ovaries. The peritoneum, uterosacral ligaments and spaces around the vagina and bladder can experience the effects of endometriosis. Rare cases of endometriosis can be found on the appendix, bowel intestines and rectum (Reich et al., 2016). The rectum begins just posterior to the uterus and will lead into the anus almost directly inferior from the uterus. The uterus sits posterior and slightly superior to the bladder in the pelvic cavity. Fallopian, or uterine, tubes are connected and positioned laterally to the uterus, and also have ovaries on each end. Lastly, the orifice of the urethra, releasing urine from the bladder, is anterior to the vaginal orifice. After understanding the location of these structures, one can tell that this is a group of important body parts clumped all in one area for a disease like endometriosis to take a toll …show more content…

The basal layer of the endometrium produces the external functional layer, and if the basal layer is not removed, then the disease will continue to grow back. This is why laparoscopic excision surgery is the optimal treatment for endometriosis. This procedure will act to remove the deepest layer of the endometrium-like tissue. Reich et al. (2016) mentions that receiving a hysterectomy is not the best way to get rid of this condition, even though a large majority of people have come to believe this is true. As previously discussed, endometriosis can spread to areas other than reproductive organs, so pain will persist even after removal of the entire uterus. Pain killers, oral contraceptives and IUDs are common methods for pain treatment and slowing the disease. However, as soon as one is eligible for the diagnosis of endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery to remove all layers of disease should be amongst the top considerations to rid the body of this abnormality, for it has proven to be the most

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