The Myth Of Homer's Odyssey

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1. Mythology explains spiders through the store of Athena and Arachne. In her younger years, Athena was never kind to women. She once challenged Arachne to a weaving contest to show that she is better than her and others. Athena was impressed of Arachne but was jealous. In turn, Athena turned her into a spider so they she would weave forever. Today, spiders are arachnids after Arachne the spider.
2. There once was a Nymph by the name of Daphne. She was the daughter of Titaness Gaea. Daphne was Apollo’s first love. He loved her as soon as he saw her. Daphne, however, tried to flee Apollo as she didn’t care about him. Apollo didn’t give up so e chased her and finally held her in his arms. Daphne prayed to Gaea, her mother, to make her disappear. The Titaness fulfilled this and made Daphne into a
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Eos, the Titaness and goddess of the dawn, was the daughter of Hyperion and Theia. She was the sister of Helios and Selene. Her duty is to announce day to the gods in Mount Olympus. When Helios or the sun appears, Eos becomes Hemera or day. She travels till she becomes Hespera or dusk. Eos was once with Ares and his wife, Aphrodite, punished Eos to always long for new, young lovers. Eos was often inspired by human love. Once person she loved was Tithonus, the son of the king of Troy. She stole him, took him to Zeus to grant him immortality, and left. Tithonus was growing quite old as she never gave him youth forever as she had. He grew white hair and soon could not move his limbs. Eos locked him into a room and eventually turned him into a grasshopper. Aurora and Tithonus had a son named Memnon. He was once assisting a relative in battle. He was winning when Achilles appeared. He fought Memnon for a long time and eventually Achilles won. Eos had viewed this happen and she asked her brothers of the Wings to take his body to the river Esepus. She arrived and soon wept over her son. As the goddess of the dawn. Eos’ tears can be seen in the morning as dew drops on
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