The Myth Of Mental Illness By Thomas Szasz Summary

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Review of Thomas Szasz. M.D.,The Myth Of Mental Illness: Foundations of a Theory of Personal Conduct. Thomas Szasz was one of the first psychiatrist to criticise psychiatry and argue about the concept of mental illness. His book “The Myth of Mental Illness: Foundations of a Theory of Personal Conduct” highlights the fundamental flaws in the administration of psychiatry, with the aim of challenging the medical characteristics of the concept of mental illness and the wrongful treatment of patients without their consent. The premises of Thomas Szasz’s book are that ‘mental illness’’ are a myth. He argues mental illness should not be classified as psychological problems as they arise from categorical error. He claims the concept of illness…show more content…
Soon after, this lead to a change in diagnosis from Malingers to Hysteria in many patients, which further lead to an increase in patient care for those with Hysteria. It was a known fact during the early era of medicine, the diagnosis of a Hysteria patient held more importance than malingerers, thus led more physicians to change their diagnosis as an act of self-promotion. Szasz explains this by stating the political and social significance some mental illnesses have over others. For example, Hysterics were given their social status and were able to benefit from this diagnostics in terms of the privileges they gained. He argued this method of labelling patients lead to some individuals being favoured more than others, and better care. This can be described as a form of social discrimination, benefitting only the Hysterics. Szasz claimed the several implications on medical diagnostics made it difficult to diagnose an individual. He thought psychiatrist looked for damages to mental illness in a similar manner they would for a physical injury. In his eyes, this was a major error, as to classify internal abnormalities the same way as behaviour suggest they are caused by the same stimuli. Thus, believed it to be a mistake to use psychiatric treatments for the treatment of” mental illness” as in his view, they did not exist. He also

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