The Myth Of Mental Illness

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Marquiel Dodson
Psychology 201
Dr. Streeter
Final Exam
I enjoyed every bit of this Introduction to Psychology class. I put together many things about myself and my own life that I didn’t notice before. Now that I have been introduced to the realm of psychology I have a much better understanding of the reasons of behavior that is around me every day.
During this semester in Psychology 201 one very interesting thing we covered was The Myth of Mental Illness by Thomas Szasz. In this book Szasz states that mental illness has no physiological change. He is not judgmental at all, and discusses the advantages to the patient and the doctor. I totally agree with Szasz on his belief that autism is not a mental illness although autism is treated as a mental illness. Thomas Szasz stated this about autism, “With the passing of the years, my earlier conviction that conflict and disagreement are not diseases has only grown, and with it my conviction that listening and talking are not instances of medical treatment. This does not mean that I disparage listening and talking; quite the contrary. Attending to what another person tells us and being able to hear what is in his heart as well as on his lips is an exceptional skill, growing rarer by the day, especially among psychiatrists; the same goes for addressing another person and being able to tell him frankly, simply, and without humiliating him.” ("The Ethics of Psychoanalysis", 1974) He is clearly trying to explain that mental…

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