The Myth Of Santa Claus: The Dangers Of Lying

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While lying can be ,at times, socially acceptable, there are dangers to lying that must be weighed, but most lies are not okay.
There are times when lying may be considered socially oka, for example, lying to keep a tradition alive. To illustrate, our culture celebrates the myth of Santa Claus, a jolly old soul who flies all over the world every Christmas Eve bringing presents to all the good little boys and girls, and, of course, coal to the naughty ones. Obviously, this cultural myth is supported by parents who want to teach appropriate behaviors to their children. Back in 1987, the New York Times stated in a poll that “87% of American children between 3 and 10 believe in Santa Claus.” More recently, another poll from the New York Times
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Imagine a stranger who shows up at a child’s home asking if a child’s parents are home. Hopefully, the child has been taught to lie and say that someone is home with him, but he/she is busy and cannot come to the door, just in case the stranger means harm. Some lies are acceptable to protect our society from those who would harm us. Lying can help protect your a child’s security and safety.You need to insert research here. Find out what the science says about home invasions if predators think the house is empty or a child is home alone. Impress your readers with the research.
Furthermore, lying is incredibly useful to spread good will. For example, lying is necessary when trying to keep a surprise party or a gift on the down low, so whenever the moment comes, the recipient will be surprised and excited.

Lying is also useful and acceptable to prevent any harsh feelings with a friend or family member who is over sensitive and may not be available to handle the truth. For example, if my friend was looking forward to getting her spray tan ,and, then,she finally gets it, and she’s excited to have it, and she asks me how it looks, but she looks like an orange mess, I will just say, “You look great,” instead of ruining her day with the truth. Sometimes, social lies are important to build a friend’s confidence, then to destroy a person’s outlook. Therefore, one must be careful about lying, it's rarely
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