The Myth Of The Cherokee Indians

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There are many religions in this world and many creation myths that accompany those religions. Each religion has its own unique viewpoint on how the world came to be. The Cherokee myth I have chosen is something that may seem outrageous to the outsider, but it is how the Cherokee Indians have viewed their creation for many years. The Cherokee believed that before their world as they know it began, it was just water. All the animals lived in a land called Galun’lati that was above the water (in the sky), but it was overcrowded. A water beetle, named Dayuni’si, volunteered to explore the water beneath them. Dayuni’si was unable to find solid ground on the surface of the water, but dove below the surface and only found mud. The beetle brought the mud to the water’s surface and it began to grow and spread out. This mud became the Earth, as the Cherokee Indians knew it. Later the Earth was tied to the sky with a string at each of the corners (“Native American Myths of Creation”). The Earth was too wet so the animals sent the Great Buzzard from Galun’lati and told him to go and make it ready for them. He flew all around the land, but it was still soft. By the time he had traveled to Cherokee country, he was tired – as his wings flapped the ground, they created mountains and valleys. The animals concluded that the land was too dark so they made the sun and gave it a path to travel on each day from the east to the west. After the plants and animals, humans were created. They
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