The Myth Of The Elephant Festival

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The Elephant Festival is considered to be one of the most popular events that is celebrated in the city of Jaipur. Since the ceremony was first introduced, this festival has managed to attract a variety of outsiders due to the decor and traditions that are displayed by this animal within the Buddhist culture. This culture believes that a new monk is required to have a good relation with the older monks in order to comprehend the lifestyle and ways in which things function. The older monk must also interact with the younger individuals in order to teach them knowledge, as well as help them understand the doctrines of Buddhism. The Elephant Festival signifies not only the exchange of knowledge between the youth and the elders of their culture, but also the power that was upheld and invested into an individual. This festival celebrates the taming of the wild elephant and also gives thanks to the Gods for producing enough water for their bountiful harvest. This festive holiday is celebrated in multiple locations but the two most popular attractions are in Thailand, while the other is located in India. “The festival dates from A.D. 310, when a tooth relic of the Buddha was found and brought from India to Sri Lanka. Before that, the annual procession gave thanks for the harvest and prayed for rain (Lopta, Peg).” During these festivals, hundreds of people are involved in the parades with specific roles to fulfill and tasks to perform. The most important roles are those taken on…

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