The Myth Of The Epic Stories Of Hero 's And Heroines

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When looking at Myth it is easy to get lost in the epic stories of Hero’s and Heroines as you go on an adventure with them through real places and time, facing their trials and tribulations like Agamemnon and the sack of Troy, or following Zeus on one of his many adventures. Whilst cultures don’t seem to question the authenticity, modern scholars try and make sense of them, by reading ancient hymns and scripts and theorising why the myth was created in the first place.
In modern times, scholars try to decipher these epics into logic or rationale. One such scholar Geoffrey Stephen Kirk was able to outline mythology with five categories of extenalistic views. The externalist theory states that myth encompasses something that is external to the person, religious, environmental or natural. When Kirk presented the theories of myth, it compromised of 5 categories, explained through modern scholars, how myth should be interpreted and how they provide an explanation of events. These theories and authors include Max Müller, who proposed the theory of Nature and Andrew Lang dismissing that and proposing the Aetiological theory of myth. The scholar Bronislaw Malinowski strongly disagreed with these, and wrote how these myths were better explained through the notion of Charter, while ancient scholars such as Homer or Thucydides altered myth into history, all the while Robertson Smith offered a more Ritualistic approach, whilst also acknowledging the view on Aetiology, as the best way…
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