The Myth of the Nervous Breakdown Essay

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The nervous breakdown, a mysterious affliction that has been a staple of American life for more than a century has been wiped out by the combined forces of psychology and pharmacology. The question remains however, why do people keep breaking down? The term nervous breakdown is inexact. Nervous breakdowns are no longer thought to be conditions of the nerves, but of the mind. It seems psychology, over the years, has separated the term nervous breakdown into more definite categories. Today, they seem more likely to be schizophrenic episodes, manic breaks, or more closely resembling major depressive disorder. Diagnosis depends on different patients and symptoms they experience. In the movie, Shine, Australian concert pianist…show more content…
Bleuler's definition is not without its problems though, due to the term schizophrenia, which means "split-mind" it is often confused with multiple personality or disociative identity disorder. What happens in the schizophrenia's mind are their perception separates from reality or emotion separates from perception. According to Abnormal Psychology, the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association of what mental health professionals classify as mental disorders, "the DSM-IV, lists five characteristics of schizophrenia. They are, delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized or catatonic behavior, and "negative symptoms," meaning a reduction or loss of normal functions such as language and goal-directed behavior. If a person has shown two or more of those signs for at least a month and has noticeably disturbed for at least six months, the diagnosis is schizophrenia" While no schizophrenic displays all symptoms at all times, certain symptoms affect and influence other symptoms. One of the most common symptoms experienced by schizophrenics is disorganized speech. They have disordered language and change subjects rapidly, they often ramble and ideas will jump around. It is unknown what causes this speech confusion, it may be the minds way of dealing with associations. Often although a

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