The Mythological Beginning Of Ayurveda Medicine

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Ayurveda philosophy states that optimal health and healing can occur through the connection of the mind, body, behavior, and environment.
The mythological beginning of ayurveda medicine begins with Brahma god of creation, Vishnu god of preserving creation and Shiva god of destroying creation. These three gods work in harmony together to create and maintain a balanced universe. The story of medicine begins with the “Churning of the Ocean” the belief that the bottom of the ocean contains valuable things which needed to be returned. Vishnu became a tortoise called Kurma and went to retrieve these valuables. While trying to return, Kurma was caught in the swirling ocean and the gods and demons pushing and pulling against
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These negative choices unbalance our health but to regain balance within our doshas as assessment of imbalance needs to be completed.
Assessment & Diagnosis
Imbalance and the identification of the doshas that are unbalanced impact the diagnosis and treatment of the individual. Areas that are evaluated to make an assessment are questions on the person’s lifestyle, family history, season, demographics diet, and physical assessment of the body and nadi (pulse),mootra (urine), mala (stool),jihva (tongue), shabda (speech), sparsha (touch), druk (vision), and aakruti (appearance).
Treatment & Prevention
Ayurvedic treatment focuses on the removal of imbalance and restoring dosha balance. Treatment can be purifying (sodhana); vamana; expels stomach & respiratory system, virechana; small intestine and liver, vasti: large intestine, nasya: cranial, and raktamokshana: cleanses bloodstream & production of new blood or pacifying(samana); pachana; digestives, deepana; digestive fire, kshut; hunger, thrit; thirst, vyayana; exercise, athapa; sunlight or marutha; wind.
Meditation: integrates many physical and mental layers of life while

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