The Mythology Of Greek Mythology

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There are many different types of different creatures of Greek Mythology. There are Centaurs, Minotaur, Pegasus, Sirens, Medusa, and many more. These creatures can either be helpful to the Gods and Goddesses or they can work against them. Some of the creatures’ stories even intertwine with the stories of the Gods and Goddesses of Greek mythology. I will concentrate on the following creatures: Centaurs, Pegasus, Sirens, and Medusa. My favorite creatures out of all of these are the Sirens, because I think that they were beautiful creatures with an evil side about that. I will explain what they are, where they came from, and the different myths about them. Centaurs are half-man and half-horse. There are many different myths as to how the Centaur was born. One myth, the most popular one that has different stories around it, is that Ixion raped Hera, the wife of Zeus. Zeus did not believe Hera when she told him this so Zeus made a cloud (Nephele) that looked like Hera to lay with Ixion to see if it would happen again and this was how the Centaurs were born. Much to everyone’s surprise, there are female centaurs and they are said to be of great beauty. Centaurs can either be described as wild and bold creatures or as savages. They are said to be the first man race to inhabit the forest of Thessaly. They are also sometimes called beasts, because of how they looked. These creatures are featured in the movie Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief, and many like it. Now and days we
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