The Mythology Of Norse Mythology

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Many beliefs influence our lives today. In fact, one of the most well-known movie series today, was influenced by a belief, called Norse Mythology. That movie series is Lord of the Rings! Many of the main characters and items come from Norse mythology. Such as, the elves, the enchanted rings, the dwarves, and other realms. Most people only know one or two deities from Norse Mythology, like Thor and Loki. While most people in the world are more familiar with the beliefs of the Ancient Greeks, Norse Mythology is one of the most overlooked, interesting, and diverse forms of mythology in the world. Norse Mythology was started by the Vikings and carried across the world by them. The earliest known accounts of Norse Mythology came from…show more content…
There are many deities/figures in Norse mythology. Such as, giants, gods, supernaturals, and humans. One of the most important figures is Ymir. He was a brutal frost giant, created out of ice. He created every giant, who later created the gods. Two kings of the giants are Thrym and Skymir. Thrym is king of the frost giants. He is most famously known for using Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer as ransom for the goddess, Freyja. Skymir is the king of Jotunheim. He is known for being an illusionist, and tricking Thor. Most people only know one or two figures of Norse mythology. Even though there are so many more. Like, Buri the 1st god created. He is the father of Bor, and grandfather of Odin. He is said to have come into the worlds, by the cow Audhumla. She is said to have licked him free from inside a block of ice. There are no known accounts of who his wife is. Odin is the son of Bor and Bestla and ruler of Asgard. He is the god of all wisdom and only has one eye. He gouged out the other one. His wife 's name is Frigg. Frigg is an Aesir goddess and wife of Odin. She is the mother of Balder and hold, Queen of Asgard, and goddess of foreknowledge. Thor is one of the most widely known Norse gods, thanks to Marvel 's movies and comic books. He is the son of Odin and Earth, his wife’s name is Sif and he is the god of thunder. He is known for being fierce and fighting a lot and his magic hammer Mjolnir. Loki is another widely known god. He is known for his shape-shifting
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