The Myths behind King Arthur

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King Arthur was a British legend and over time the stories became a collection of stories written by different authors. King Arthur was actually a general in the fifth century that fought to keep Brittan a free paradise of the western hemisphere. With the different writers over the years writing about the great King Arthur the stories got distorted and became more of myth than that of truth of the real King Arthur. The first writings of King Arthur were around 830 by an author by the name of Nennius, according to the Britons. There are many writings in existence today, as many as 200 over King Arthur. Much of the myths of King Arthur and the legends of Merlin and Guinevere are what people read today. Much of these are myths and not actual facts, though all started out with the actual life facts of King Arthur from his birth in Tintagel to his death, they just got bent out of shape with the different writers over the years. King Arthur was actually Lucius Artorius Castus, Arthur’s name was originally Artorius, a family name. This is where King Arthur became more of a myth than a real person. The myths became more widespread when the marriage of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine in France. This is where the more romantic and spiritual myths began about King Arthur. In this time the author Chretien de Troyes of the French court wrote about the Holy Grail. This is one of the first of…

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