The Mywick Residential Rental Property Management System Case

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HEADNOTE ABSTRACT This paper describes a project suitable for use in an upper division course requiring the completion of analysis, design and implementation of a software system. It is especially useful for illustrating multiple cycles through the development process, as well as for integrating key concepts from a number of fundamental knowledge clusters in a typical undergraduate IS program of study. These knowledge clusters include database management, project management, programming principles, and system analysis and design. In the pilot class, students employed use case analysis as well as standard object-oriented techniques such as class diagrams and sequence diagrams. Students followed a modified version of the Team Software…show more content…
Specifically she needs a system that will allow her to efficiently record rents received and track unpaid rent. The solution system should allow Ms. Mywick to record checks from tenants in a batch mode at various times over the course of a month. She also needs to record payments from the federal government Housing Assistance Program (HAP). Each month HAP sends her one check covering subsidies for all related units. An itemized list is enclosed with the HAP check showing how the subsidy amounts are distributed among the tenants. So Ms. Mywick must also be able to enter this information in a batch mode. The system should allow her to enter rents owed and must handle recurring amounts based on a one-year lease, but allow for monthly adjustments. Also the system must provide for multiple sources of payments, like federal subsidy, multiple tenants each paying a portion, or parents helping out with some part of the rent. For example, rent for Chris Brown might be $753 per month. The HAP subsidy is currently $542 per month and Chris is responsible for the rest ($211). If Chris 's income changes, then the HAP subsidy changes. So rather than paying $542, the subsidy might go down to $258. This then increases the amount owed by Chris to $495. Only very basic information is required on tenants, like names (one or two), phone #s (up to 3), and deposit amount paid. Requiring too much information

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