The NFL Fining Players

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Anonymous - Dolphin Hour - 8 Edited by - - NFL Fining Players Imagine a person fresh out of college getting fined thousands of dollars. This happens all of the time in the NFL. The bad thing is they’re not even breaking the law. Players are breaking the rules in the NFL and get fined. The reason behind all of this is to keep a fair game between the franchises. Yet these people make thousands and thousands of dollars anyways. Does fining even make a difference to them anyways? Some say the NFL fining its players is a good thing. In the NFL there are many things that can cause a fine to a player. According to Jason Plautz players in the NFL can get fines for simply changing the color of their shoes (Mental Floss). Excessive celebration is a common way to get fined usually in the endzone. Only certain celebrations that would include fans or messing with the pylons and actions along those lines can result in a fine to a player. Also making contact with a referee in any way, which can be known in some cases as unsportsmanlike conduct will cause a fine in the direction of that player. Punching and kicking a player from the opposing team will get a player fined. In some cases tackling the quarterback after he has thrown the ball is illegal and the NFL will fine the player, and also late hits and cut blocking are illegal. The interesting thing is a player can avoid a fine, if there is no penalty flag thrown because of their actions. In the NFL there have been fines
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