The NFL is Killing Their Employees

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The NFL is a multi-billion dollar company that has neglected to compensate its past and current employees that have acquired long-term brain damage while performing their jobs. Their incompetence has caused severe brain damage and even death to former employees because of their irresponsible ways over the past forty years. The science and study of this problem has produced a great amount of information that both sides could benefit from but the NFL needs to take action and responsibility. The NFL has produced a product that has caused long-term brain damage and needs to be liable for the compensation due to its victims. In a recent article titled “A Brain Gone Bad” finding by Dr. Bennet Omalu and Dr. Robert Cantu, case studies of the…show more content…
An example of what this could mean to the NFL financially is stated in this article titled “The NFL Headache” which states “Given California's unique workers' compensation system, which allows players who played one game in the state to file claims years after their retirement, proof that cognitive decline was related to their NFL career could lead to teams owing millions of dollars for medical treatment, including institutional care, for each retiree. This could grow even more as new technology is invented. For example, there are new developments that may allow for CTE diagnoses in the living. If this is possible, then players could get their brains scanned at any point and receive benefits for those injuries at the first sign CTE are visible to doctors. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that more brain injuries will be detected early on, triggering benefits much sooner than before.” (Gandert & Kim, 2013) The amount of cases mounting against the NFL in recent years is on the cusp of becoming a class action suit that could be compared compensation wise to the “Tobacco law suit” that found it liable for negligence and cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. The risk of long term injury that former, current and future NFL players take is a decision that they make individually but the NFL has to be a responsible employer and

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