The Naked Citadel, By Susan Faludi, Leslie Bell, And Sherry Turkle Essay

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After reading the essays “The Naked Citadel”, selections from “Hard To Get” and from “Alone Together” by Susan Faludi, Leslie Bell, and Sherry Turkle, readers are presented with the idea of wants vs. needs. Ideally, a desire and a necessity in life should be clearly distinguishable, but that is not always the case in reality. For example, take an adult human being and a robot programmed to feel emotions. We as humans have a natural tendency to yearn for companionship and togetherness, for we are social creatures by nature to some extent. Where robots tend to lack in social relations, it makes up for in the technology that makes the robots alive to a point that can be related to by humans, yet can operate and obey the human’s wishes seemingly indefinitely. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if some humans preferred to have more robotic and obedient friends that are always there for them as opposed to having real friends who need to prioritize other stuff over them first. In these cases, what one wants is to have a friend, but one needs to not be lonely as it’s not healthy to go through life without having anyone to talk to. We perceive some desires as needs such as love, affection, success, companionship, etc. Arguably, these are just as valid as biological needs in order to lead a fulfilling life. Overall, people tend to have similar needs and desires that are subjectively authentic to them. However, the degree of importance for each need or desire can be affected by

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