The Nannking Massacre Or Rape Of Nanking

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The Nanking, or known as Nanking Massacre or Rape of Nanking, started on December 13, 1937 and lasted for about six weeks. It all started out during the Sino-Japanese War when the Japanese won a gory victory in Shanghai in the summer of 1937. Their next stop was towards Nanking and General Matsui Iwane commanded his troop, made of 50,000 soldiers, to invade and destroy the city. Words were spreading around that the Japanese had committed numerous brutal actions on their way though China. The Chinese soldiers in Nanking outnumbered the Japanese and had a lot of ammunition but they were very unorganized and poorly led. After four days of fighting, 90,000 Chinese soldiers surrendered and the Japanese thought of this as an act of cowardice and
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