The Narragansett Tribe : A Tribe Of Native Americans

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The Narragansett tribe is a tribe of Native Americans who lived in the area which is now Rhode Island. They are well known for their interaction with Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island. The Narragansetts were also part of the historic, King Philip's War. A war in which the natives fought against the colonists to stop the colonists’ advance into America. They were originally honored by having places in Rhode Island named after them.

Tribe members were very efficient and had came up with a housing system for the changing seasons. This housing system had the Narragansett changing houses for winter and summer. For the winter they lived in longhouses. “Up to 20 families would live in” a single longhouse over the winter, (Early History, Narragansett Indian Tribe). When summer would come along “the tribe would move to the shore and construct Wigwams or Wetus, temporary shelter made of bark on the outside and woven mats on the inside,”(Early History, Narragansett Indian Tribe. This housing system shows how these natives handled the changing seasons in New England.

The Narragansett were resourceful and had their own way of governing. “They survived by farming corn, hunting, and fishing,” (The Narragansett Indian Tribe, A Local Legacy). As for governing, the explorer Giovanni de Verrazano “described a large Indian population organized under powerful kings,” (The Narragansett Indian Tribe, A Local Legacy). This large indian population is believed to be the Narragansett.
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