The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass And Assata

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Confinement Narratives In the books, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and Assata: An Autobiography the authors talked their experience of confinement while being in slavery and prison. The perspective Fredrick Douglas brought upon his experience of slavery affected the tone throughout the book. As for Assata her viewpoint of confinement was from her experience as a prisoner in the hospital and prison. Confinement is the act of isolating someone from human contact and society or a mother giving birth to their baby. Both narratives Frederick Douglass and Assata Shakur were restricted from things throughout their. Ultimately, this essay will discuss the effect of confinement in their lives and similar situations they have encountered.
In Frederick Douglass’ case, he was born into which for him was slavery and his youth years he was isolated away from his mother because slave owners wanted slaves to have no emotions towards their family, but he was one of the Master’s children. In the excerpt Douglass stated, “ My Father was a white man. He was admitted to be such by all i ever heard speak of my parentage. The opinion was also whispered that my master was my father; but of the correctness withheld me. My mother and I were seperated when I was but an infant-- before I knew her as my mother.” He is a young black slave who at first did not have the ability or knowledge to read and is very naïve in understanding his situation. As a child put into slavery Douglass
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