The Narrative of Frederick Douglass and David Walker's Appeal

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The most significant pieces of literature were those against slavery. Anti-slavery writings gave people a closer look into what it is was like to be a slave. Two writings in particular played an essential role in expressing the mistreatment of slaves and the African American race itself. The Narrative of Frederick Douglass and David Walker's Appeal, explained the problems slaves has in learning, hypocrisy in Christianity within the slave owner, and the action slaves should take. Fredrick Douglas was born a slave. In his narrative, Mr. Douglass explains how his mistress took an interest in him. Mrs. Auld would teach Mr. Douglass how to read, but was forbidden to continue by her husband, Mr. Auld. Mr. Auld explained to his wife, teaching a slave to read and write would make him unmanageable and unfit to be a slave. It was at this very moment Frederick Douglas learned whites held slaves back by depriving them of an education and literacy. In realizing the strategies of the whites, Frederick Douglass understood that slavery was not a natural part of society. Mr. Douglass also understood that he was not naturally inferior, but was being held back by the whites need to enforce the lack of knowledge amongst the slaves. Frederick Douglass understood in order to be free he had to learn to read and write. To obtain his education, Mr. Douglass became…
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