The Nasw Stands For The National Association Of Social

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The NASW stands for the National Association of Social Workers. The NASW has made a code of ethics for all social workers to follow. The mission of practicing social workers is social justice for everyone, service to anyone in need, treating everyone with dignity and recognize their worth, understand the importance of human relationships, integrity in everything we’re involved in, and competence in the field. The NASW code of ethics has 6 purposes for social workers. 1. The code of ethics identifies core values for social workers 2. The code serves as a guide for our ethical principles that are a reflection of our values as social workers. 3. The code helps us manage issues that may arise in the field that we may not know how to handle.…show more content…
In 1993, five new principles were added, they included principles, impairment, and duel relationships. This happened to define the different kinds of relationships social workers have with clients. The last major revision of the NASW code of ethics happened in 1996. In that revision it addressed the need for ethics regarding the medical field, media, and the process of taking more legal actions. This revision happened because media was beginning to report more on problems within the system, and people were starting to take more legal action for problems that occurred. The code of ethics was then revised in 1999, to address confidentiality of patients and when information might need to be disclosed without the patient’s consent. I think this change happened because it was discovered that it was important to address serious or immediate consequences or needs to and for clients. The NASW was created in 1960. In it, there were 14 responsibilities. 1. I regard as my primary obligation the welfare of the individual or group served which includes action for improving social conditions. An example I think of this would be advocating for services for homeless veterans to get access to mental health services and medical treatments. 2. I give precedence to my professional responsibilities over my personal interests. Example- Even if I am against something the client has done, I need to keep my personal thoughts out
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