The National Action Plan On Women, Peace, And Security

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The United States involvement within foreign affairs has created positive conditions for member within the society outside of the United States through various polices implements. The National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security is a prime example of the how a United States policy was able to help members outside of the country. In December 2011, President Barack Obama had released an article to bridge that would gap between women and the discrimination encounter. The National Action Plan is divide into a 5-part system to express the overall goals the plan was intended to complete and improve lives of women and children around the world. The purpose of The National Action Plan is to; integrate and institutionalize a gendered approach to peace and security, promote women’s participation in peace processes and decision-making, strengthen protection of women and children from harm, discrimination, and abuse, promote women’s roles in conflict prevention, and address the distinct needs of women and children in disaster and crisis response (USAID, 2012). The first part of the National Action Plan is the goal to integrate and institutionalize a gendered approach to peace and security through multiple level within the institutions of government interventions. As the department of state diplomacy in action says, “Ensuring that women’s participation and gender considerations are represented across existing security, conflict, and humanitarian programming was an important
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