The National Address and Being American

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In September of 1952 Richard M. Nixon, the Vice Presidential candidate for Eisenhower, was accused of receiving slightly over $18,000 given to him in a “supplementary expenditures fund” provided by numerous wealthy donors. This accusation led to serious media backlash and the call for Nixon to remove himself through the ballot. Before heeding to the call of the public and the press Nixon felt he needed to present his case to the American public and in doing so won back the trust of Americans and remained on the ballot. Nixon’s primary point throughout his speech is to prove his trustworthiness and patriotism. Scenarios like these only weaken the public opinion and trust in the government which is precisely why Nixon presented the identity and language stemming from the schemas they’re associated with. The Checkers speech makes use of the interrelated schemas associated with a NATIONAL ADDRESS and being AMERICAN which lend to Nixon’s human qualities. A sense of authority is presupposed upon the spectator (assuming they’re American) through the schematic association a NATIONAL ADDRESS is understood by the public as a means to address a serious and urgent matter. Senators are elected into to represent the majority of voters in their districts of a state which in turn lends to the…
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