The National Aeronautics And Space Administration Essay

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Since the dawn of time, the human race has gazed up at the stars, in both wonder and amazement. Curiosity is one of the best traits that humanity possesses. It serves to drive us forward and seek a more efficient way of using our skills that are unique to us. We as humans continued to evolve through the millennia, and so too did our intelligence and understanding of our small world. We began to socialize and congregate. We formed small tribes near local water sources as we left our caves. This would spark some of the first cases of conflict among the human race damning us with a future littered with warfare as we created a society of haves and have-nots as nations and empires rose and fell. This remains true even today, but our desire to explore and increase our knowledge has never diminished. With that being said, we must re-evaluate the established paradigm that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) role in the Cold War. NASA did not exist for the sole purpose to beat the Soviet Union into space and establish a monopoly of power in space. This was a byproduct. NASA’s genesis was a genuine intention to increase the knowledge of mankind. In many ways NASA can be seen as a miracle of mankind because it was born out of a state of war, but evolved into an organization shaped for peace and discovery. By looking at NASA, it is an exemption from the warlike nature of the Cold War. We can observe this evolution from its wartime genesis, and its transition
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