The National Association For The Education Of Young Children

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According to Bredekamp (2014, p. 19), “growing attention to early education primarily results from impressive research demonstrating its effectiveness in improving outcomes for children”. Throughout this research, the organization “National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)”, has established a set of standards for early childhood educational programs (Bredekamp, 2014, p. 5). These standards were created specifically to help families determine which preschool, kindergarten or child care program would be best for their child (“The 10 NAEYC,” n.d.). Each of these standards set forth by NAEYC are important in their own way to ensure the quality of early childhood education facilities. NAEYC has created ten “early childhood program standards” (Bredekamp, 2014, p. 20). The standards can be broken down into two distinguished categories with the first set of five standards, which include relationships, curriculum, teaching, “assessment of children’s progress” and health focus on the children (Bredekamp, 2014, p. 20-21). The NAEYC believes that a good quality child care facility should promote and encourage a positive relationship between adults and children as well as providing a safe learning environment. It should have a curriculum in place and be able to implement it in order to achieve its goals (“The 10 NAEYC,” n.d.). A good program should use according to (n.d.) “developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate and
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