The National Association Of Social Workers

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Since we are all interconnected within society, it is essential for every person to possess rational ethical standards as the quality of our lives depends on them. Indeed, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and I both recognize the importance of enhancing the well-being of those who are vulnerable and how possession of ethics contributes to such development. While completing the Values Inventory for Policy Practice forms, there were eighteen similarities between the NASW and my personal beliefs regarding the set of statements. Some of them include, supporting gay and lesbian couples in affording the same rights (e.g., marriage) as heterosexual couples, protecting the dignity of commercial sex workers, restoring the right to vote for convicted felons, preserving the right of individuals to control their own end-of-life decisions and recognizing transgendered individuals by their chosen gender identity. Such circumstances pose conflict concerning one’s ability to self-govern versus their inability to make personal choices. Our ability to exercise autonomy is an agentic expression that gives us control over our own lives. Thus, minimizing this ability not only diminishes one’s dignity, but also contributes to internal oppression. The NASW and I both agree that respecting the self-determination of a client (as long as the individual is not causing harm to another) is equally as important as promoting their rights. Discrepancies arise within the practice when
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