The National Automotive Museum Preserves And Maintains More Than Two Hundred Cars For The Public

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Founded in 1989, the National Automotive Museum preserves and maintains more than two-hundred cars for the public to admire. Projects that go into working with the museum include archiving both old and new knowledge of cars, filing research away on cars sold after Harrah’s death for new owners, digitizing new information using the computer system called PastPerfect, and transcribing the journal of a man to the computer for record keeping. All of these tasks meant learning new skills in maintaining a museum’s behind the scene collection as well as researching the collection’s history. These projects help the museum function as well as provide a source of income so that the museum can stay open. The first project was archiving in the museum library to learn organizational skills. The automotive museum stores journals, magazines, books, and media such as film all in a library in the back of the museum. The articles and journals within this library date back to the early car magazines in the early twentieth century when the car was a novel machine, and goes all the way up to the most recent editions that feature electric cars from Tesla. The project was to make sure everything went back where it belonged in the system. Proper storage of the books ensures that the library stays organized for research on the cars. Another aspect of that project is to add new works to the library. As previously stated, the library is in possession of magazines and books from contemporary times…
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