The National Basketball Association ( Nba )

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The United States in present day standards is known as a superpower amongst other nations when based off of economics alone due to the monstrous revenue that is generated by the numerous industries throughout the nation, with the sports industry making up a big piece of that pie. With a consistent annual rate of 3 % and the minimum of 23.5 billion dollars in revenue generated every year since 2010, it is safe to say that America loves its sports. The four most popular major professional sport leagues known as, the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), and also Major League Baseball (MLB), are responsible for most of this revenue generated on the annual basis. With carefully planned out season schedules that work around each other, ultimately enables the value of each of these leagues to be more profitable while at the same keeping a constant flow of revenue being produce at a high level for the sports industry year-round. However even though sports industry is prospering as a whole there are times where the industry suffers, particularly when there is a labor dispute amongst the players and their respective employers causing the suspension of the season. This scenario is known as a “lockout” putting a complete halt on all operations within the particular professional league involved until a settlement is made (Baumann, 2012). The following will illustrate how the sports industry has a major impact on…
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