The National Basketball Association ( Nba )

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One of the professional sport leagues that I feel does the best job exposing diverse population playing its sport is the National Basketball Association (NBA). The sports league that I feel does the worst job of exposing diverse populations to playing its sport is the National Hockey League (NHL). The NBA consists of a variety of people from different cultures and ethnical backgrounds that play the game. Many great NBA players have come from different cultures and had a great career playing basketball for the NBA such as Pau Gasol who is from Spain, Manu Ginobili who is from Argentina, Dirk Nowitzki who is from West Germany, and many more great basketball players. There are many great NBA players that come from different social class such as Kobe Bryant coming from a middle class family because his father played professional basketball in Italy and in the NBA and Jimmy Butler who was homeless at the age of 13. The reason why I chose NHL as the worst to expose diverse population because the league is predominantly white and hockey doesn’t seem like a worldwide sport, because the only areas I seen where people really are into hockey is in Canada and the north and northeast part of the United States. I really found it odd that there are a lot of minority hockey fans in northern states, but there is very little minority playing hockey. An African American NHL named Wayne Simmonds had a banana thrown at him doing a game in London, which is a racist act. Another example of racism
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