The National Basketball Association Was Forever Changed

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In the year 2005 the National Basketball Association was forever changed. The NBA and its commissioner agreed to a collective bargaining agreement. The agreement included Article X which is now known as “The One and Done Rule”. The document stated that to be eligible for the NBa a player must be at least 19 years old and have to be out of high school for one year. Article X was created to prevent high school players from entering the NBA when they were clearly not ready. It was also created to promote players at a collegiate level. “Article Ten” became known as the ‘One and Done Rule” because of its requirements. The rule was created to prepare high school athletes for the long nba season and all of the strain it puts on the body. College would help prepare these athletes by giving them a glimpse of the length of a long season. In Addition to the NBA would be presumed to be the biggest beneficiary because it would produce better prepared athletes as well as reduce bad draft picks. Before the rule was imputed into the league there were several players that came straight out of high school and have had amazing careers. Players like Lebron James Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett are just a few examples. These players came straight out of high school and skyrocketed to stardom. All of them signed multi million dollars contract and they did not need to play at the collegiate level. However, players can no longer do this because Article X states that they are not ready. Article X may
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