The National Building Museum ( NBM )

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The National Building Museum (NBM) was founded in 1980 without a collection. The museum currently has about 250,000 objects, primarily photographs and architectural drawings all housed in 7,000 square feet of on-site storage. The NBM’s primary collecting focus is everything related to buildings, but the structures themselves. They document the process of building with their collection of architectural plans, photographs, architectural models, and tools. The NBM do not actively collect artifacts, but are frequently offered objects through private donations. Even with their impressive collection almost everything currently on view is on loan. There are differences between what is considered textbook “best practices” and the work that…show more content…
Currently, the NBM is in the process of creating a collecting plan to strengthen their collections as well as turn away items not fitting within the scope of the plan. Many museums in the past collected without regard to the future which creates havoc on contemporary museum administrators, so the implementation of a collecting plan is considered best practice. Moreover, when the NBM is offered items there is a quarterly collections committee who deliberate on the decision. The committee includes curators, registrars, directors, and preparators. Once the objects are approved the registrar initiate the accession process. Furthermore, all of these procedures are outlined in their collections management policy and are updated regularly as is considered standard. In keeping with best practices at the NBM, the staff facilitates discussions and conversations with other departments in order to solve any issues that arise. Typically, more established museums have stories of found-in-collection and gift restricted objects. However, the NBM showcases how it can happen to any age institution. For example, a box was found in the collections and while the objects were accessioned and in the database, the location of the boxes were unknown until that time. Although it was not technically a found-in-collection object as the museum did have a deed of gift, it was a similar instance that registrars do not want happening regularly. Although this case is usual, according to best

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