The National Collegiate Athletic Association

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The NCAA, also known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, is a corporation where student athletes in all sports meet and compete against each other in a collegiate athletic manor. The organization ensures that each athletic division operates consistently within the basic purposes, fundamental policies and general principles of the NCAA. These rules set forth by the NCAA are to make sure that the athletes that compete within the NCAA corporation are protected from the media, drugs, and keep themselves humble and groomed as a young man or woman. The NCAA was founded in 1906 as the Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Our own late president, Theodore Roosevelt, as a way to protect young people from the dangerous and exploitive…show more content…
The chairman’s, Walter Harrison, job is to patrol each divisions operations and make sure it’s consistent with the basic purposes, fundamentals policies, and general principals of the NCAA are being followed. The next level is the Executive Committee Subcommittee on Gender and Diversity Issues. The chairman, Clinton Bristow Jr., of this level is responsible for providing reviews and recommendations to the executive committee regarding gender, minorities, and youth issues of the overall student athlete welfare. Following the subcommittee is the Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports Committee whose chairman in rule of this level is Michael Krauss. This level of power is in charge of providing and promoting a healthy and safe environment for student athletes through research, education, collaboration and policy development. The Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports Committee are divided into two sublevels: The Drug Education and Drug Testing ran by Don Kaverman, and the Sports Science safety, ran by Jerry Weber. The Honors Committee is the next role of power and the chairman of this level is Valerie A Richardson. The responsibility of this section is to receive and select the recipients of the Theodore Roosevelt, Silver Anniversary, Top VIII, Award of Valor and Inspiration awards. The Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee, conducted by Robert C. Vowels Jr, is the next level of power
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