The National Collegiate Athletic Association

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association also known as the NCAA is one of the most popular Athletic Associations in the entire nation that regulates over 1,281 universities, conferences, and organizations. Some of the top conferences in the NCAA are the SEC, ACC, PAC 12, and Big Ten (Tomlinson,2010.) The NCAA is a non-profit association that brings in over 871.6 million dollars in revenue a year. The NCAA also awards 89 national championships a year in football, basketball, softball, gymnastics, swim and dive, soccer, and tennis to name a few. The NCAA 's most dominant competitions are college basketball and college (American) football, and it was estimated in 2000 that 75 per cent of US colleges made profits from these sports, enabling the subsidization of other sport-activity programmes (Tomlinson, 2010.) NCAA officials on Nov. 8 announced a multiyear deal with Coca-Cola, making Powerade the official sports drink of the association 's 88 championship events (NCAA, 2010.) The NCAA’s headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana where it has been since 1999 after winning a bid war with Kansas City. Robert W. Crawford sums up the NCAA with a short poem, “It 's always been reward the win, ignore the sin. The conscience sleeps when money keeps pouring in (Crawford, 2013.)
Although collegiate sports can be traced all the way back to the Native Americans who played sports like the lacrosse we play today. The first challenge between two universities was a rowing challenge…
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