The National Collegiate Athletic Association

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the governing body for college athletics. They currently oversee twenty-three sports in over 1,200 institutions encompassing more than 460,000 student athletes (NCAA About Us, 2015). Revenues are at an all time high nearly topping $1 billion in 2014 with a record setting surplus after expenses of $80.5 million (Berkowitz, 2015). And yet, the athletes who play the sports that generate that income see none of those dollars despite the sales of broadcast contracts, jerseys, posters, and almost any other type of merchandise you can imagine with player names and numbers on them.
The NCAA maintains strict rules and penalties that limit a student-athlete’s scholarship amounts to cover only costs for tuition, books, fees, and room and board. There are no provisions for any expenses beyond these basics such as taking a date to a movie, eating out with your friends or family, or even gas to put in your car for a visit home to your parents. One additional restriction that complicates matters: The NCAA prohibits student-athletes under scholarship from having employment during the school year. Even if a student-athlete could find time in addition to their full time commitment to their sport and classes, jobs during the year are not allowed.
Despite these strict rules and limitations, or perhaps because of them, we routinely see news stories of players succumbing to the temptation of payments from coaches and boosters or…
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