The National Collegiate Athletic Association

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Abstract The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the nonprofit governing body of college athletics. The Association is responsible for the direction, development, and overall governance of the divisions of competition, containing over 430,000 student athletes and over 1,000 member institutions. Their primary task is to ensure all student- athletes and the universities they attend adhere to the extensive rules and regulations outlined in the Associations manual, namely, to abide by principles of amateurism, defined by the Association as agents that do not receive any payment above travel expenses or a grant-in-aid scholarship for competing in sports endeavors. The main issue at hand is that the NCAA is currently benefiting extremely well financially from the top powerhouse conferences (Southeastern Conference, Pacific 12, Big 10) and its billion dollar a year athletic programs (LSU football & baseball, USC football, and Michigan football & basketball for example). The Association has full control over these student athletes, and through various legal loopholes, they exercise this power to exploit their unrecognized workforce to generate billions of dollars in revenues. In doing so, the Association restricts the amount of compensation athletes may earn, rather paying them semester stipends for school related purchases. Major problems I identify, the first being that the Associations book of ridiculous rules needs to be revisited and revamped to conform to
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