The National Collegiate Athletic Association

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a member-led organization that regulates the athletes of over 1,200 universities, conferences and organizations. The NCAA prides itself on dedicating themselves to the wellbeing and lifelong success of college athletes, believing and committing to core values and beliefs (NCAA). The NCAA’s main and most important task is to make sure that all students and institutions adhere to the extensive rules and regulations that the Association has created (Andrews). Although the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a famous and well-know organization, it has flaws within the system of regulating college athlete’s collegiate sports career. The condition of which college athletes are in while under regulation of the NCAA is neither ethical nor fair. In this paper I will argue that it is not morally ethical the way that the NCAA treats college athletes; the system must be reformed and changed so that college athletes are treated with the utmost ethically moral respect.
The issue at stake in this particular paper is the situation of college athletes and the treatment they receive from the NCAA. The NCAA is currently financially and academically exploiting college athletes at very young age. The NCAA generates billions of dollars though the hard work of the student athletes, and the athletes are given no monetary compensation. The NCAA also expects college athletes to fully participate in academics, but with the rigor of the athletic…
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