The National Competency Standard For Nurses

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Thanks Xiaoning. The national competency standard for nurses that I have been assigned to talk about today number 10.4 which is “Collaborates with the health care team to inform policy and guideline development.” Slide 2: The guidelines and policies among others that are used to guide nurses include, competency standards, decision making framework, guidelines for registration standards, professional boundaries, professional practice guidelines & Social Media Policy. Slide 3 The first aspect of competency 10.4 is “regularly consults policies & guidelines” It is important to regularly consult these policies and guidelines to manage health and safety risks and also to work professionally within the privacy and confidentiality regulations. The regular consultation of these policies and guidelines ensures that health care workers are working in the most socially, ethically, timely and professionally appropriate manner. The competency standards provide nurses with a framework to abide by so they can achieve an appropriate level of performance and maintain their registration in Australia. They can also be useful to patients as they can identify what levels of standards are expected from their nurses (Australian Health Care Practitioner Regulation Agency, 2013a). The national decision making framework constitutes of two parts: • Development & evaluation of decision making tools and • Template for decision making tools Which aim to promote “diversity, flexibility and
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