The National Football League Essay

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The National Football League was created in September, 1920 and has since influenced America not only economically but personally as the sport’s dangers are slowly unmasked. The National Football League has been covering up the corruption that has been going on for many decades and as people begin to dig, many hidden truths are beginning to be uncovered. When people think about the NFL, they are reminded of the sport that many have loved so much but little does our society realize the major economic effects that the NFL has on America. Not all of us realize how much of our tax dollars go towards new football stadiums, the massive parking lots used for games, and the football players themselves. The National Football League claims to be nonprofit, yet it is clear that it is far from that. In addition to the economic effects, it also has a more personal impact on our lives as more research is showing the health hazards of playing football. The multiple head traumas that football players get leads to chronic conditions such as CTE, a newer diagnosis, which causes many players to experience symptoms such as brain deterioration, suicidal thoughts and ultimately death. Many parents put their kids in a football league starting at a very young age but are unaware of the dangers they are exposing their children to.There have been several cases of sudden deaths from young players including Andre Jackson, a football player from Ohio High School who died suddenly two days after
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