The National Football: The Stochastic Theory

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It feels just like yesterday I was getting on a school bus for the first time to head off to kindergarten. The sun was warm to the senses as mildew covered the grass. Excitement is the only feeling I can recall as I felt on top of the world leaving my house to learn and be with friends. Now I am twenty-three and wondering where all the time has gone. My back aches from not stretching. My knees crack walking up and down the stairs. Where has the time gone, and why don’t I feel like a kid anymore? Aging is a part of life not everyone wants to accept. There are many theories on aging and I would like to focus on the Stochastic Theory. The Stochastic Theory is “based on random events that cause cellular damage that accumulates as the organism ages” (Grossman, S. & Lange, J., 2018, p. 55). Within this theory there are four categories but I am only going to focus on two: Wear and tear theory along with Connective tissue/cross-link theory. Wear and tear…show more content…
As humans experience trauma like concussions, heart attacks, car wrecks and working out, our bodies cannot repair themselves (p. 52). The National Football League and many universities are studying the brains of many former football players. What they are finding is that concussions lead to other mental diseases later on in life. These men act out in aggression, forget their spouses and even their children. An example like this is extreme wear and tear, but I feel that it supports the wear and tear theory as their brains can not repair themselves after a hard hit on the field. Another example many of us could relate would be heart attacks. Perhaps one of our friends, loved ones, or a neighbor had a heart attack. Chances are that person will not be able to function the same as they did prior to the heart attack. Heart attacks come with aging, thus the Wear and Tear Theory is supported in that some cell damage through out life is
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