The National Hockey League Is The Greatest Hockey Players

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The National Hockey League is home to the greatest hockey players in the world and it’s been that way for nearly a century. The league is enjoying an all-time high in revenue, attendance and following worldwide. The NHL has an incredible history but the average fan will be blown away by some of the things they have yet to learn. Here are 15 facts that you probably didn’t know about the NHL and Hockey.

Number 15 – Wonder Woman

Only one woman in NHL history has suited up for a game. Manon Rheaume played for the Tampa Bay Lightning and Exhibition games in 1992 and 1993. She played in two games and allow for two goals in one of her games against the St. Louis Blues, not bad at all.

NHL and Hockey: 15 Things You Didn 't Know

Number 14 – Just Like Waving The Flag

You have seen NHL fans wave the towels during playoff games for decades, and sport teams all over the world follow the same. Who started all of that? Vancouver Canucks legendary head coach Roger Neilson who was fed up with the reffing in the 1982 playoff game against the Chicago Black Hawks. Nelson took the towel and put it on a hockey stick waving it around to signal he was surrendering. The Canucks fans showed up with towels at the playoff games to support him after that. There is even a statue of him waving a towel in front of Rogers arena in Vancouver.

Number 13 – 61 For 99

NHL great Wayne Gretzky holds many records. No one will come close to his 2857 career points or 215 points in a season but the most…
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