The National Hockey League ( Nhl ) Revenue Has Grown From $ 2.27 Billion Us

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From 2005/06 to 2014/15, the National Hockey League’s (NHL) revenue has grown from $2.27 billion US to $3.98 billion US. A large portion of this is due to the fact that the world of hockey is constantly changing in many aspects. The way it is played, the way we watch, the way it is coached, and the way players are scouted and traded. Almost everything on the operations, media, player, and fan experience side have gone through changes and alterations because of technology. Technology has opened up a plethora of doors within the sport and has had such a big impact on not just revenues but other areas as well. One of the largest affects come on the fan experience and involvement side. Changes outside of actual gameplay such as this one are often driven by revenue but are ultimately acted on by the current technology in today’s digital society. In order to find out the extent of these changes, three questions must be answered. How has the viewing experience and accessibility changed for fans, how has the media and technology affected fan engagement, and has today’s digital society taken away from any of hockey’s tradition. Today’s digital society is constantly affecting the NHL and world of professional hockey’s fan experience and involvement because of technological offerings and advancements used by members of the industry in profit driven efforts.
Convenience is a leading factor in today’s business world. Consumers are often looking for the most convenient item when…
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