The National Hockey League Of Sun Belt Cities

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Introduction On August 8th, 1988 Wayne Gretzky gave a tearful farewell to Edmonton after being traded to the Los Angeles Kings. The Gretzky trade had effects beyond the two teams. The landscape of the National Hockey League changed in the years following the Gretzky trade. Ten years after the trade Anaheim, Dallas, Phoenix, Miami, San Jose, and Tampa were awarded NHL franchises. The National Hockey League’s southern expansion was partially driven by the attendance increase the Los Angeles Kings experienced after the Gretzky trade. The goal of this essay is to determine what drives attendance in Sun Belt cities. Our study should interest sports economists in academia and National Hockey league executives who make decisions on the league’s product placement. Team attendance is the dependent variable in the model and eleven independent variables were run in two different regressions. The first regression run was a Least Squares regression and the second was a time series regression. The time series regression was necessary to run since the results of the Least Squares regression may have been biased. The time series regression reveled two important conclusions. First, winning a championship had a positive and statistically significant impact on attendance in southern cities. Second, the time series regression illustrated that each city has special characteristics driving attendance that we cannot measure. This essay I will review other research papers on attendance at sporting

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